Greg Deocampo
is a technology entrepreneur and artist

Across my career, I have elevated breakthroughs in computer science into enduring, genre-defining experiences through innovation, management, and design.  I'm particularly proud of the impact Sci-Tech Oscar-winning Adobe After Effects has had on VFX; of Obscura Digital's large-scale projection mapping of the Empire State Building, leading to the MSG Sphere; of Epimatrix, the first bioinformatics web service; and of EBN's solid state video sampler enabling the real-time video remix—  a new art form.
I have deep software, product, and team development skills, and management methods for eliciting creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation.
My company,. GD Creative Computing, offers product research, engineering, and business development services for technology startups.  I helping launch Polyview Health. a communications intelligence and healthcare automation company, and, an alternative infrastructure company.   

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