Greg Deocampo
is a genre defining technologist, entrepreneur, and artist.

Across his career Deocampo has recognized emerging core computing technologies and helped turn them into enduring, genre defining products, from an Academy Award winning motion graphics product to a bioinformatics web service to the technomedia for projection mapping the Empire State Building to developing the new art form of video remixing.  
He's grown deep product and project management skills, and techniques for developing team innovation and entrepreneurship.
Deocampo founded CoSA/The Company of Science & Art, makers of Academy Award winning AfterEffects, acquired by Adobe.  He helped start Obscura Digital, a pioneer in projection mapping and immersive megamedia experiences, acquired by Madison Square Garden.  He was the founding CTO of, the first online video site, acquired by Viacom.  He helped the Brown University TB/HIV Lab develop one of the first bioinformatics web services.  And he was a member of Emergency Broadcast Network, a cult art band and pioneer of video remixing.
Deocampo has consulted broadly, from SAIC and the Defense Intelligence Agency to The Coca-Cola Company, where he developed an innovation system for creating and distributing viral content, with analytics.
Deocampo received a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics-Molecular Biology from Brown University in 1988.
For over 20 years he has worked in computational media: generating, analyzing, and acting on different kinds of digital signals, from science to art to entertainment and commerce.
He is currently in R&D for mobile and AR/VR applications for creative authoring, media performance, and distribution.  Feeling he was promised hoverboards, he's also exploring  the mashup of maglev technology with projection media to create hoverboard parks.

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