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... in transmedia content creation and distribution.  Ask me about the research and development project.


Coca-Cola Interactive Vending Machine Games


Generating New Interactive Media from Social Data

Guessbook is a trivia game whose content is pulled from the player's social account, processed, and presented as a game.


Lada Gaga vs Polaroid

Webcam app for Bloomingdale's window, NYC, introducing Lady Gaga's Polaroid Grey Label Printer.

By Greg Deocampo (Mad.Scientist- app design), Bernd Burgdorf (digitl producer), Matt Lundstrom (code), Rob Tortoriello (Madhouse - production). For Greg Johnson at William Morris Endeavor.


Hyperdistribution Development for The Coca-Cola Company

This work, done over the last few years as deliverables for Stafford Green at The Coca-Cola Company, is selected to showcase work developed in part in pursuit of my personal applied research and development agenda in the area of new digital ad, communications, and entertainment formats; viral video creation and distribution; appification; 3D (stereo) production and distribution; augmented reality; location; gamification; social design-- everything that's mashing up with even more, now, into Web 3. The idea was to use, in particular, the development of real world digital Coke ads to gain actionable commercial insight into the use of ubiquitous digital video for creative expression and commerce.

This has lead me to developing a library of software and busioness techniques for global consumer brands to use digital to innovate content production and media buying in campaigns, and to proliferate shareable messages directly to their current and desired audiences. My present digital media work is a mix of creative content (Eclectic Method) and transmedia hyperdistribution campaigns for brands.

Transmedia is "the technique of telling stories across multiple platforms and formats using current digital technologies." Hyperdistribution refers to the active diffusion of specific digital content to wherever its audience is found, in whatever communications channel, via a mix of professional services and custom web services. Services include things like blog editor relations, social operators for reactive, personalized Facebook and Twitter community participation, search engine optimization, social media optimization, specialized media buying, and data reporting, and analysis.

Transmedia hyperdistribution is a distribution algorithm for creative digital content mashed with data rich quantitative market research, analysis, and strategy.